When acrylic is cut, routed or machined, it becomes rough and dull along any cut edge. The fabrication crew uses a variety of machines, tools and methods to bring dull edge back to a glossy shine.

Sanding: brings a dull edge back to a smooth matte finish.

Flame Polishing: a quick and cost effective way to polish acrylic with a torch. Can be used on a routed or sanded edge. Bear in mind that a routed edge that is flame polished will still have small striations from the router bit.

Buff Polishing: a great method for polishing a sanded acrylic edge using a buffing wheel and rouge polish. More time consuming than flame polishing but is recommended on thicker gauges of acrylic and for furniture applications.

Machine Polishing: for multi-unit projects, machine polishers (also known as ‘edge finishers’) can be employed to polish multiple edges at once. This is a cost effective and flawless way to achieve flat, glossy edges.

There are several edge finishes that can result from these methods. Ask your sales representative what method is right for your project.

Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

The experienced fabricators at Architectural Plastics can polish virtually any edge of an acrylic part. The acrylic swing seat pictured here is a perfect example.

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Architectural Plastics designs and fabricates finished items, parts and displays for other manufacturers, businesses and private clients. Below is a diverse collection of projects we completed by overcoming challenges that other plastic fabrication companies were unable to solve.

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