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Company Manufactures Protective Films Against Coronavirus

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Architectural Plastics, Inc. was founded in 1977 in San Francisco and now operates in Petaluma California. They are industry leaders in plastic design, fabrication, and sheet distribution. Their work includes art displays, commercial interior design, public art installations as well as many other acrylic food service and medical devices.

In 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they were faced with shutdowns like many companies. Creative Director and CEO, Blake Miremont, decided to pivot and protect his employees while becoming part of the solution. He retooled his shop to start producing protective face shields for health care workers at hospitals and other essential services.

Architectural Plastics, Inc. has gone on to make acrylic social distance guards and has seen a surge in business as companies are looking for ways to provide a safe workplace with social distancing measures. They have produced many different designs to accommodate banks, restaurants, and other stores and offices. Plastic social distancing guards are part of our present and future, and Architectural Plastics, Inc. is emerging as a strong leader in pursuit of a healthy workplace

Blake is happy about the increase in business, but he hopes the vaccines will make his guards superfluous. Blake also donates 5 percent of production to local communities, hospitals, and nursing homes. Read the original media release here.

Architectural Plastics, Inc. is an innovative industry leader in the design and fabrication of plastic parts, products, and display and conservation cases, as well as personal protective equipment. They are successful because of their hard work and a great community spirit. Call today for more information.


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