Medical Devices

Architectural Plastics provides design and fabrication services to numerous companies in the rapidly expanding medical device industry. Whether you need help designing a medical device, product line or customized laboratory equipment, Architectural Plastics can help.

The design team will work with you to create more functional devices and reduce costs by substituting metal elements with plastic for greater utility. Products can also be redesigned to make them more efficient to produce.

The fabrication crew is used to extremely tight build tolerances and quality control standards commemorate with the medical industry. Many clients have been depending on Architectural Plastics for their clinical trials, product production and laboratory needs for decades.

Knee Flexor Frames

Knee Flexor Frames

Getting reliable x-rays for people with knee joint pain or deterioration is a difficult task. Rising to the challenge, Architectural Plastics designers created an acrylic device to solve the problem. This device not only helps create clearer x-rays but also provides a measurement system to save doctors time when reviewing the x-rays.

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Architectural Plastics designs and fabricates finished items, parts and displays for other manufacturers, businesses and private clients. Below is a diverse collection of projects we completed by overcoming challenges that other plastic fabrication companies were unable to solve.

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