Plastic Thermoforming

All plastics react to heat. Thermoforming is a process by which flat plastic sheets or cut panels are heated to specific temperatures and then reshaped into curved parts. The curvature is achieved by molds (created in-house) that allow the fabrication crew to achieve the desired radius bend. This is a great method for curved table legs, 3D sign letters, circular light fixtures and several other applications.

NBC Peacock Sign

NBC Peacock Sign

Architectural Plastics was approached to make a six foot tall, LED lit sign for the SF Giants and Oakland A’s spring training photo shoots.

Light diffusing acrylic was heated and bent to create the sides of the feathers and the faces were made using a CNC router.  The faces were then glued to the sides to create the feather light boxes.

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Architectural Plastics designs and fabricates finished items, parts and displays for other manufacturers, businesses and private clients. Below is a diverse collection of projects we completed by overcoming challenges that other plastic fabrication companies were unable to solve.

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