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Architectural Plastics Designs Medically Approved Face Shields for Frontline Workers

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Face shields are a common sight in doctors’ offices and hospitals and as the pandemic drags on, they are becoming more prevalent among the public, too. 

Blake Miremont from Architectural Plastics started producing plastic face shields about a week after the local shutdown started. As they already specialize in high-end plastic design and fabrication, the design part was easy for them.

Architectural Plastics Helps Frontline Workers During the Pandemic

After talking to some family and friends in the medical world, they decided to look at the need and found that all the hospitals seemed to be out of face shields and were having to use disposable face shields that are designed for one-time use only. 

Blake took it upon himself to make face shields out of quality polycarbonate which can be sanitized and reused. The masks come in two different sizes and are currently being sold in packs of 10 and boxes of 100.

These face shields have been medically approved by Kaiser who put in an order of 20,000 face shields for its workers. Architectural Plastics has now been completely retooled to mass-produce them along with the other 210,000 shields. Watch the original YouTube interview here.

At Architectural Plastics, we produce high-end quality pharmaceutical grade plastic containers by implementing the best of the industry GMP’s and TQM systems. Contact us today to place an order for your face-shields.


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